Non-profit afternoon school for children from underprivileged families

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Bostaan'ilm School

"The Garden of Knowledge"
bostaan/باغ = garden    ilm/علم = knowledge

Bostaan'ilm School is a non-profit afternoon/evening school for children of underprivileged families in Lalazar, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Private schools are unaffordable for much of the population, and government schools
often lack accessibility and quality.

This is where Bostaan’ilm School steps in. We provide over 200 students with quality primary education. For many of these children, they are the first in generations to learn to write their names, read or attend school. Upon exit, the students who perform well on their standardised exams may secure scholarships to pursue additional schooling.

Bostaan’ilm’s classes are held after regular school hours in a private school's campus (SLS School). The children are provided uniforms, books and stationary and sit in real classrooms with all the facilities of a private school. All overhead costs are absorbed by SLS, so 100% of donations to Bostaan’ilm School are used to provide education for these children.

We at Bostaan’ilm School firmly believe that any semblance of equality in society can only be achieved if everyone from every household has a chance to read, write and learn. Since 2003, we have been making a small effort to work towards this dream and future.

The cost to educate one child per month is only PKR Rs. 800/-.  Please donate to sponsor the future of a child.