Non-profit afternoon school for children from underprivileged families


The top-performing graduates of Bostaan'ilm School secure private scholarships to continue their studies at our partner school, SLS School. These scholarships are life-altering because they open up a world of opportunities for the child, and offer an opportunity to appear for the Matriculation exams (Grade 10 exams equivalent of a high school/O-levels diploma), which paves the way for college and future life opportunities. The cost to support a Bostaan'ilm graduate's scholarship is PKR Rs. 70,000/- annually. Please consider sponsoring a scholarship-holder in the name of a loved one!

Bostaan'ilm School

Learning Process


We have two parallel beginners' classes. One is for the traditional beginners age group (3+ years) while the other is for older children (7 to 16 years) who have never had the opportunity to attend school or had to leave their schooling due to unforeseen circumstances.

Many are child workers who are supporting their families. The 3-hour afternoon timings allow them to also pursue studies. Currently at our classes go up to Year 8, which is the equivalent of Grade 6 in a traditional school.


We are creating opportunities for children where the lottery of birth has far too often determined their future.